Works for photographers / journalists
DESTINO FINAL Giancarlo Ceraudo

Destino final is the Spanish term for “final destination”, the final arrival place of any plane trip. This is an ongoing project by Italian photographer Giancarlo Ceraudo with the collaboration of Argentine journalist Miriam Lewin, an ex desaparecida, and Enrique Pineyro, a former Argentine pilot of Italian descent, which has led to major breakthroughs in the official investigations regarding the so called “death flights” perpetrated by the Argentine military during the years of the dictatorship.

ROMA NUDA Giancarlo Ceraudo

Inside the Roman Suburbs

  • Music: John Frusciante: Before the beginning

ENCERRADOS Valerio Bispuri

Travel to South American Jails
Jails are a reflex of the society, a mirror of a country for both small problems and for the big economic and social crisis. The necessity to recreate their space is the only way to defend them.

HABANA CRUDA Giancarlo Ceraudo

Cuban Reality is represented in the transition from an idea that has fought, lived and dreamt with dignity and a Future that could evolve into a nightmare og its own dream.

  • Music: Neil Young - Dead Man OST