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About Me

I’m Eugenio Bataglini - 32 years old visual, web and interactive Designer from Rome, Italy.

I started to work as a Programmer / Web Designer when I was 19 I have been working for big italian companies like Telecom Italia, Banca d'Italia and Sky Italia.
After 6 years I quit my job and start trying new things!

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My Services

Museum / Interactive Design

Specific solutions for modern museums, internet of things, applied home automation


Reportage, commercial, documentary, music video, corporate video ...

Visual Design

3d projection mapping, photo editor, vjing, real time video manipulation, light shows

Web / App Design ITC

Web/app development and design, hosting management, software development

Skills & Abilities

FILM & Editing

Language Skills

English Advanced level
Spanish Advanced level

Softwares & Technologies

Jobs & Collaborations

06.2016 - present

Journalism Reportage

Working with the photographer GiancarloCeraudo at the project DESTINO FINAL that is now becoming a book and a series of documentary
01.2016 - 07.2016

Documentary Filmaker

Documentary developed for: UnioneComuniBassaSabina.
01.2015 - 03.2016

Forge Museum of Arts and Crafts

Art direction, content curation, storytelling, ITC, app programming, hardware configuration, signal routing, 3d mapping, arduino ...
03.2016 - 03.2016

Tour Reportage

Traveling and reporting through Europe with the band named Veeblefetzer
01.2014 - 06.2014

Archeological & Multimedia Museum of Monterotondo

First work as museum designer. I've managed a lot of things. Audio, video, app, DMX, lights ...
09.2013 - present

ART Directing

I've founded the CreativeCompany named TuttoSbagliato. Under this name I've realised a lot of videos like music videos, commercials, corporate videos.
01.2006 - 03.2012

Programmer Analyst

For various brands like TelecomItalia, Sky, Unicredit ... and more.

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